Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Plant Growth!!

Perhaps one of the most exciting things that have happened lately are the quickly sprouting jalapeno plants.  Much like a science experiment I found that different containers had an amazing impact on the growth of the pepper plants.  As I LOVE jalapenos, I want to grow as many healthy plants as possible!  In order for this to happen I have been forced to replant about half of them in other containers.  The plants on the left were shooting up early and steady.  The few in the middle did slightly better in the big tomato can from an earlier post.  The sad plants on the right were in smaller containers.  They struggled a lot as they didn't retain much moisture and did not give room for the roots to spread.  Consequently, they are now all improving in better conditions.  I have chosen to put them all into re-purposed plastic containers that once held spinach.  They are ideal for these pepper plants to grow!

Started from the bottom now we HERE!

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