Thursday, March 7, 2013

A constant aroma of freshly baked cornbread, homemade peach cobbler, smothered pork chops, and a plethora of what I thought were exotic foods, always seemed to be my salvage from the chaos of the world.  Peer expectations, teenage love, and the daily struggles of life as a young person, would leave me drained by 3:00pm.  But somehow, my grandmother Alean May would always provide enough love for me that it made up for all the bad in my day.  A little scripture, a few hugs, and some really good soul food are what have left the deepest of impressions on me.  She was and still has a huge place in my heart, that twelve years after her death has not left me.  It has not swayed; if anything my appreciation for her love and commitment to family has been instilled in me in ways I am only now recognizing as her doing. 

“Ebony, anything can taste good.  You just have to know how to cook it the right way,” she would remind me.  I spent my afternoons in the kitchen listening to her explain the ways of the world, while picking up on many of her tips and tricks in the kitchen.  I wish I had spent more time as her apprentice, because I now know that her expertise was abundant.  They say hindsight is 20/20.  Somehow, I believe that what she left me with was deeper than the surface, which highlights cooking techniques.  She left me with an appreciation for content and quality of life and love, faith, health, hard work, and cooking with love.

My long-awaited food blog is most certainly a dedication to her and the love she taught me to have unconditionally, often expressed through food. 

I have so many ideas and adventures surrounding food-love.  More to come…

·      Cooking with love
·      Gardening in the City
·      Cooking in Season
·      Cast Iron Skillets are for Cooking too
·      Slow Cookers & Cooking Slow
·      Measuring Cups & Intuition
·      Cooking with Kids
·      Natural Foods
·      Farmers Market
·      Real Tomatoes
·      Freezing and Canning Everything
·      Fasting/Praying/Detox
·      Miss Jalapeño/Miss Hot & Spicy, Myself

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